Friday, August 6, 2010

You can now use pidgin with Facebook



Pidgin is an instant messenger program program that like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, GoogleTalk, Trillian… Facebook has integrated messaging in the lower right corner of the page.  Really in the background it is using Jabber protocol which is common.  Pidgin (iChat for mac) can be configured to access your Facebook account.

Remote Desktop for OSX


I dont care for Remote Desktop on the Mac provided by Microsoft. So after searching around I found CoRD.

CoRD ScreenShot

This is a great open source RDP client for the MAC.

Allows you to save your connections, runs on second monitor and resizable.

Outlook Social Connector

image image image

For those of you who use Microsoft outlook I found a cool add-on from Microsoft.  This program adds a new box on the bottom of Outlook that shows attachments, emails and other data from the contact you are working with.  This feature can be added to outlook 2003/2007 and is comes default in 2010.

Features: Facebook, Attachments, emails, calendar events etc…  in bottom pane in outlook.

Download Outlook plugin from Microsoft

Best Search Util ever!

Search utility that searches pretty much any file format using standard text or regular expression.  Extremely efficient also searches within files.

NOTE: The search indexing feature in Windows 7 is pretty dam good.

Features from AgentRansack Website.

Easy to use web style Boolean searches
Search popular Office formats including Office 2007 and OpenOffice
Super fast multi-threaded searching with highly efficient search algorithms  
Quickly browse file search contents without having to open up each file  
Automate searches using command line options  
Share results with others through printing and exporting


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